Bridging the Gap is a cultural exchange between artists and youth groups in Hull & the Nordic States during Hull’s three year legacy programme following the City of Culture 2017 programme.


2018 is the pilot stage, which shares the ideas, creativity, and cultural identity of groups in Hull, Aarhus (Denmark) and Reykjavik (Iceland). These groups will develop how the project is to be delivered in future iterations with Finland and the Faroe Islands in 2019 and beyond.


Beginning with writing workshops around the theme of bridges with Nordic folk stories, the artists will facilitate the composition and recording of new folk stories which will be further developed in basic sound editing and soundscape making workshops with the groups to culminate in printed texts of the work of the three nations’ contributions and public sound installations in each city.


This will give the groups the opportunity to explore their heritage and cultural identity, particularly with the British groups understanding the Nordic roots of their language and cultural traditions.

Participants will also benefit from increased resilience through developing collaborative social skills working with a wider geographical group and allow them to experience all that it is to participate in the creation of large scale public artworks with geographic reach; in addition to taking writing and sound work skills away with them to allow them to bridge the gap between being consumers to being creators and the space to dream on a wider scale.